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Lavender Jasmine - the5FootCritic

Hi! I'm Lavender, but you can call me Lavy. Welcome to my table!

I am serving you my thoughts on scrumptious foods and kid-friendly restaurants. I am super passionate about trying new foods, it’s just that I happen to be a foodie with allergies. That means I am always looking for foods that kids and adults like me can enjoy. I'll eat almost anything (that doesn’t give me the allergy heebie-jeebies), but my all-time faves are pizza, rice, and steak.

With that mouthful, I invite you to follow me on this adventure to experience a unique kid’s point of view -- one who likes visiting fancy places and local dives... a girl who loves Mediterranean cuisine and french fries! I'm your favorite foodie, ready to give you the scoop. You won’t find fancy foodie lingo here, but you will find my opinions of tasty bites to entertain your palate. As much as I love sharing my nom nom moments with you and watching cooking shows, I still make time to be a regular kid. So when I’m not critiquing dishes, I can be found doing other things I enjoy, like singing, dancing, designing clothes, hanging out with my best friends and cousins, and of course eating ☺.

I was born and currently reside in the Nation’s Capital (Washington, DC), but I am enthused to travel wherever my taste buds take me. Bon appetit!

Lavender Jasmine - the 5 Foot Critic


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