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Sticky Fingers Bakery

Posted on 28 May 2017

Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats
1370 Park Rd NW, Washington DC 20010
What I ate:
Chocolate Cookie Cupcake
Lemon Lavender Cupcake

The chocolate cookie cupcake was very good. Chocolatey and moist. Its really all chocolate, you cant even taste the vanilla cream in the frosting. The cookie on top was a nice decoration and a nice crunch element.

I just had to get the Lemon Lavender cupcake. My mom loves lemon and of course my name, Lavender. I just had to get it. It was really good, light and fluffy. You can really taste the lavender in the frosting and you can even see it. You definitely taste the tanginess of the lemons in the cupcake too.

How did they measure up?
5 Stars

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