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Ben's Chili Bowl

Posted on 23 February 2017

Ben’s Chili Bowl
Iconic Locale: 1213 U St NW Washington, DC
2nd DC Location: 1001 H St NE Washington DC

What I ate:
Ben’s Famous Chili w/ Rice

Since its National Chili Day, we decided to visit one of the most iconic places in DC famous for Chili, Ben’s! It actually has a few locations now, but mostly all the famous people visited the one on U Street. I’ve actually been to both of them. The first time was at the U Street one when I was little. That was before these others ones were built.

Anyway, this is a great place. My chili was awesome, but a little spicy. I do like spicy food though. I added the rice because I love rice and it helped cool my mouth down from the spice. My chili bowl was so big I can have the rest for lunch at school.

I like all the pictures on the wall of all the famous people.

How did they measure up?
4.5 stars


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