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Crave It

Posted on 31 August 2020

Crave It
14710 Main Street
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 

What I Ate:
Fried Whiting 
Yellow Rice 


My BFF and her mom went to Crave it and told me I should give it a shot!

I talked to my mom about it and we finally made it for lunch. The service was good, and the lady who took our order was nice. It took a little while for our food to cook, but that’s because the food was made to order which I appreciate a lot. The ambiance was okay. It could’ve used more decor because it’s a bit plain inside. Maybe its because they are still family new at this location?! 

Now onto the food.
The fried whiting was seasoned good and not too salty or heavily breaded. It was actually perfect for me. Nice and crispy just like I like it. Like I said before, I appreciate them making the food to order because the fish is hot when you get it. I didn’t really like the rice though. It was plain and didn’t have any sort of distinct flavor to it besides tasting like regular rice. 

When you go, let me know your thoughts.

How do they measure up?

3 stars

Crave It - the5FootCritic

Crave It - the5FootCritic   Crave It - the5FootCritic
Crave It - the5FootCritic   Crave It - the5FootCritic

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