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DAK Chicken

Posted on 15 November 2017

DAK Chicken
4040 Campbell Ave
Arlington, VA 22206

What I ate:
Soy Garlic Wings
Honey Glazed Wings
Spicy Wings
This place was small, but kinda cozy. I like the tables. The chairs fit under them like a puzzle. It was black and red with either white paint or chalk on the wall. I’m not sure. It looks like a place that hipster people would hang out. They had Korean music videos playing on the TV. I haven’t learned Korean yet.
I tried the spicy wings first just so if it was the hottest, I could get it over with. I thought my mouth could cool down with the other ones. So at first its sweet and then the spice kicks in! It is really HOT! That spice does linger in your mouth for a while. I drank some Sprite, but that only helped a little bit, so I ate a little rice.
The next wings were the soy garlic ones. They were very crunchy. They had a garlicy aftertaste that was sweet and they were pretty sticky. I think I liked these the best. I like garlic flavor. I don’t know why.
The last wings I tasted were the Honey glazed. That chicken was super moist and very crispy. I really don’t have much to say about them except that they were sweet and sticky.
Rice is my favorite so I saved most of it for last. It was just regular rice.

How did they measure up?
4 stars

the 5 Foot Critic - DAK Chicken the 5 Foot Critic - DAK Chicken

the 5 Foot Critic - DAK Chicken

the 5 Foot Critic - DAK Chicken

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