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Haute Dogs and Fries

Posted on 02 July 2020

Haute Dogs and Fries
610 Montgomery St
Alexandria, VA 22314

What I Ate:
Lobster Roll

Quarantine has be a crazy transition, but I decided that I'm a little more comfy with social distancing and would venture out a little. Of course that meant I'd start going to visit restaurants again for take out orders. When a few of you Fivers suggested that I try out Huate Dogs and Fries I said, I'm down!

This was such a cute spot and of course I had to wear my own tee in solidarity! The decor was fun and fit the casual theme. There was a wall that was filled with dog pictures and arcade games. 
A couple sitting outside the restaurants suggested I get their infamous lobster roll. The cashier was courteous taking my order. Everything was made to order, but I didn’t  have to wait very long after I ordered. 

The lobster roll had a nice fresh, and buttery taste, with peppery baby arugula. The lobster was succulent and chilled, but not cold. You get a good amount of lobster with the roll too. Speaking of the roll itself, it was fantastic. It was thick, toasted, and buttery plus it’s a tad sweet, like a brioche roll. The roll also came with fries. They were hot, fresh and I liked the seasoning on them. 
How do they measure up?
4 1/2 stars


    the5footcritic - Haute Dog    the5footcritic - Haute Dog    the5footcritic - Haute Dog

the5footcritic - Haute Dog

    the5footcritic - Haute Dog    the5footcritic - Haute Dog    the5footcritic - Haute Dog


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