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Posted on 29 April 2017

9011 Livingston Rd, Fort Washington, MD 20744
What I ate:
Medium Vanilla/Chocolate Swirl Cone
Hovermale’s is a nice, small, cute and old fashioned ice cream place. The location is too noisy which is nice because this is the kind of place where you don’t go inside. Here, you just park and walk up to the counter where they take your order, money and give you your ice cream. The place is especially cool because there are signs all over the building side walls with parts of the menu. This helps you see what options are there when you get out of your car.
Now about the ice cream. I got a mixed cone with chocolate and vanilla. Usually when I get mixed cones from other places, the chocolate overpowers the whole thing, but here its almost a perfect balance! I can taste the vanilla AND the chocolate. The ice cream it self is smooth and creamy. The really weird, but awesome thing about their ice cream is that it is not mouth freezing, so you can actually bite it without a brain freeze. I love it!
How did they measure up?
5 stars

the5FootCritic - Hovermalesthe5FootCritic - Hovermalesthe5FootCritic - Hovermales

the5FootCritic - Hovermales

the5FootCritic - Hovermales

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  • Chris: August 29, 2018

    Hovermales is a one and only.

  • Julia Lenzo: January 03, 2018

    Awesome review! I hope i can go there someday!

  • Lillian: November 16, 2017

    This is an excellent review. I hope there is a Hovermale’s in our area.

  • Oinetté : September 28, 2017

    Great review. I’ve been bring my children and now my grandchildren here for years. You’ve got to come back and try the chocolate dip it’s my personal favorite. Shoot out to Fox5 for introducing me to your site. Thx

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