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Po'Boy Jim Bar & Grill

Posted on 09 July 2020

Po’Boy Jim Bar and Grill
709 H Street NE
Washington, DC

What I ate: 
Jim’s Basket 
I’m slowly getting used to doing reviews while in quarantine. Today I’m trying Po’Boy Jim. There’s definitely a New Orleans inspiration here and it definitely reminds me of when I went 2 years ago. They have shutters on the ceiling and the light fixtures are lamps hanging upside down from the ceiling are pretty cool. They also have an exposed brick wall, with a cool skull painting. 
Because of quarantine, they are only allowing takeout. Even still, the service was pretty good. It didn’t take long for the food to be made; I love that it was made when we ordered it and wasn’t just pre-cooked and boxed up. 
Now onto the basket. It was actually pretty good. I got a good amount of shrimp and fries in my order. The shrimp was hot, crunchy and a bit salty. Not overly, extra salty though. The breading was light and you really could just get straight to the shrimp. Eating these shrimp, you got a good mix of the flavors of the spices used in the breading and the shrimp itself. I also appreciate that they took off the tails of the shrimp so I can just pop it in my mouth and eat them. The fries were really good too. They seasoned with a slightly bold spice, and were soft inside just like they should. 
How did they measure up?
4 stars

the5footcritic - Po'Boy Jim    the5footcritic - Po'Boy Jim    the5footcritic - Po'Boy Jim

the5footcritic - Po'Boy Jim     the5footcritic - Po'Boy Jim    the5footcritic - Po'Boy Jim

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