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Fiola Mare

Posted on 01 March 2017

Fiola Mare
3100 K St NW, Washington, DC 20007

What I ate:
Gragnano Spaghetti alla Granseola
Lemonade Mocktail

This place is lovely. It’s classy, fancy and cozy. The view of the river is great and the music they play is relaxing too. My server’s name was Tom. He was nice and very funny. I liked that he asked if I was allergic to seafood. I am so glad I’m not because I love shrimp and crab.

The service here was very quick; we didn’t have to wait long for what we ordered and the food was hot which is always great!

Anyway, this spaghetti was awesome! You could really see and taste the crab and there was a hint of lemon. The noodles were cooked to perfection and the sauce had a nice little spiciness to it.

The lemonade was only a little bit sour, but Tom said he usually doesn’t make tons of lemonade mocktails so that’s ok. I still liked it. I definitely want to come back to this place to try some other things.

How did they measure up?
5 stars



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