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Cali Burger DC

Posted on 21 June 2017

Cali Burger DC
1st & L St NE, Washington, DC
What I ate:
Cali Burger
This is a cute, interactive and tasty pop up restaurant/food truck!
I love all the decor and how it looks like a garden. The gates were covered in vines and they had plants everywhere, like jasmine bushes. There is also an area for little kids, a lounge with a canopy and a giant chess board you can play on. There is even an art gallery display area.

Although there was a really long line and it started pouring raining while we were in line, by the time we got up to the truck, it didn’t take long at all for them to get us our food.
Since I’ve been to California and tasted In-and-Out Burger, I was wondering if this place would taste similar. It was very similar. I loved the sweet smoky flavor of the sauce. My burger was cooked well and actually juicy. My fries were better than In-and-Out Burger fries LOL! They actually tasted really good!

How did they measure up?
4.5 stars


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