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Reserved! w/ Chef Ashley Shepard

Posted on 12 December 2017


Meet Chef Ashley!

As a self-taught culinary creator, Ashley Shepard decided to take her love of food to the masses by launching a brand that focuses on ways to be "healthyish", simplifying meal time, and dispelling the rumor that delicious food has to have tons of salt and fat. She believes that meal prep isn't just for the super health conscious and that it can help us all to take back the hours stolen by our kitchens. She began her meal prep journey as a way to save time and energy, but ended up finding a calling. ​Chef Ashley Shep is at your service!

5 Fun Facts about Chef Ashley

  1. What’s been your best creation?
My best creation would have to be my Whatever You Like Salmon. It consists of whatever herbs and spices that I have on hand which gives it a unique flavor each time it's created. I don't measure things out; I just shake out the seasonings as I go along. I also like that it doesn't require much and is a quick fix for a week night meal. 
  1. What's your worst kitchen disaster? 
My worst kitchen disaster would have to be any time I spill something. Most recently, I was doing a Facebook Live on how to make Greek Pizza. I went to get the Feta cheese out of the fridge only to find that the lid was not properly attached. The entire container of Feta fell into the cheese drawer. Another time as I was adding freshly ground pepper to some zucchini and squash. Right around the 4th twist, all of the peppercorns inside the grinder chose to set themselves free from captivity and end up in the pan. Apparently, the screw was not tightened all the way on the grinder. I like to add these to the conversation and let people know that perfection is an illusion and everyone rides the struggle bus from time to time. 
  1. What is your go to comfort meal?
Hmmmmm....this is a tough one...and maybe a bit peculiar, but ice cream is my go to. Especially ice cream with some form of peanut butter in it like Reese's. I will eat ice cream year round regardless of the outside temperature. It's strange to some, but it's perfect to me. For non desserts, I'd say that 
  1. What type cuisine do you cook?
I like to cook a variety of cuisine that explores flavors from all over. My favorites are from Mexican, Asian, traditional African-American cultures. However, I like to focus on finding ways to reduce the sodium and fat in these meals to make them "healthyish". In many minority cultures, we have issues with obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. I'd like to help lower those rates by providing meals that are still delicious yet healthier options than the classics. 
  1. What might surprise people about you? I don't cook every night, and I don't always feel like cooking. There's this misconception that there's always freshly made food in my fridge, but that's not always the case. I like to eat out like the rest of us. LOL.  When in the kitchen, I try to find ways to be efficient yet flavorful and optimize my time, so I can focus on the more important things in life.


Website: www.ChefAshleyShep.com
info@ChefAshleyShep.com for inquiries

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