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Reserved! w/ Chef Leslie

Posted on 27 March 2018

Meet Chef Leslie aka Mama Biscuit!
America's first gourmet biscuit company and as a pioneer of the gourmet biscuit, we pride ourselves on leading the newest trend in gourmet baked goods by “BRINGING A NORTHERN FLAIR TO A SOUTHERN CLASSIC”.  
A former restaurateur my friends called me “Ma Biscuit” for years.  After years of only cooking for family and friends and with a little encouragement I decided to put my culinary skills back in motion. In August 2014 we came up with the name Mama Biscuit® and the rest is history!  

5 Fun Facts about Mama Biscuit

  1. What’s your best creation? Shrimp and Grits
  2. What's your worst kitchen disaster? I really don’t have one.  I can pretty much turn anything into something
  3. What’s your go to comfort meal? Oven roasted turkey wings, cabbage and rice & gravy
  4. What type cuisine do you cook? Southern comfort, but pretty much anything
  5. What might surprise people about you? I owned a restaurant and I am a former National Security Background Investigator

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Email: info@mamabiscuit.com

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