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Reserved! w/ Mixologist Jordyn Z.

Posted on 08 May 2018

Meet Mixologist Jordyn Z!Jordyn Zakia Ingram, is a kidpreneur and mixologist, but you can just call her Jordyn Z. She’s from small town, Sparta GA, but she’s making a BIG impact. Jordyn Z is the face behind “The Lemonade Girl". She makes fresh flavored lemonade. It’s a business that she started in 2015. To step it up, in 2016, Jordyn Z took “Life's Lemons “and created Lemonade Lips. Lemonade Lips is an all-natural lip gloss line. Lemonade Lips strives to engage youth by bringing solutions to a culture of bullying. Every time a girl puts on lemonade lips, Jordyn Z wants her to be reminded to always speak kind words.
In 2018, she has launched a new community based organization called Younicorn. Younicorn's mission is to provide training and resources to youth so that they can learn entrepreneurial skills and develop a love for philanthropy so that they can become an asset to society. It is Jordyn Z's hope that each and every kid will have the opportunity to become their best self. Her vision started with a cup of lemonade.

5 Fun Facts About Jordyn
What's your best creation?
My Green Apple Lemonade. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and sour!
What's your worst kitchen disaster?
The same disaster happens over and over. LOL. I use my spray nozzle to fill my containers with water and it gets out of control and water goes everywhere.
What's your go to comfort meal?
My mom's shrimp and sausage.
What type cuisine do you cook?
Lemonade and Grilled Cheese sandwiches. I make the best Grilled Cheese.
What might surprise people about you?
I’m only 11 and I can already drive a car.

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