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Kapnos Kouzina

Posted on 31 May 2017

Kapnos Kouzina
4900 Hampden Lane, Bethesda, MD 20814
What I ate:
Greek Caesar Salad – baby romaine, feta and croutons
Marinated King Salmon Kebab – chermoula, crispy kale, squash and radish
Maple Ice Cream

My server was Adrian. He was awesome and so nice. Plus he is the very first waiter to ask if I had any food allergies. This is a big deal because I actually have food allergies. He explained everything on the menu to me.
This place was amazing. It was my very first time trying Greek food. The salad was great, I love Caesar salads mainly because I really like croutons. The sauce in my meal was awesome. It was not too sweet and not very salty and the salmon was cooked very well. It came with crispy kale that was so great.
My ice cream was the best. I never had maple ice cream before. You could really taste the maple flavor, but it wasn’t over powering.
I want to say everything from the decoration and my server to the food was AWESOME!
How did they measure up?
5 stars


PS. My mom let me taste her dolmades. I didn't know they would be cold. They sure tasted different.


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