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Posted on 03 May 2017

Oyamel Cocina Mexicana
401 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20004


What I ate:
Antojito 1: Gaspacho estilo Morelia (salad of seasonal fruit, vegetables and house made hot sauce)
Antojito 2: Albondigas enchipotlas con queso doble crema (meatballs in chipotle sauce with double cream cheese)
Antojito 3: Camarones al mojo de ajo negro (shrimp w/ sauteed shallots, lime and black garlic)
Tacos: Chilorio de res (shredded beef)
Dessert: Pastel de tres leches con pina (traditional cake soaked in rum and caramel ice cream)
This place is so cute! There are butterflies everywhere. They are all over the walls and door and ceiling. Very festive looking and they have a black and white movie.
You might think that since my Science teacher, Sr. Faquer teaches us everything in Spanish that I might know what the things on the menu mean, but I don’t. I did find out that antojito means little craving.  
Since this is a Mexican place, they gave us tortilla chips while we waited for the food. These chips were warm and they tasted awesome. There was some flavor on there too. They gave them to us with salsa and fresh guacamole. Both were really really good.
For my antojitos, I didn’t really like the gazpacho. The cheese didn’t really taste like anything and the fruit was sweet then spicy and that was a little strange to me. My meatballs were great. I wish I had more of those. They were juicy and tender. The sauce was great too. The shrimp were really good as well. The black garlic added some sweet taste to it which was very cool.
My tacos had flavor, but the meat was a little bit spicy. The corn tortilla they were wrapped in was breaking apart so some of it fell out on my plate. They were still good though.

The rum cake was good, but I liked the ice cream better than the cake. Too bad it was small, I wanted more cake.
How did they measure up?
4 stars


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